17 de abril de 2011


Justin, Seville need U *_*
we need your hair flip, your voice, your eyes, your mouth, YOUR SONGS... and we need your mom :) !
please, come quickly, here we are wait for you (and your mom) !
the last April 15, a lot of girls go to watch your film at the cinema Nervión Plaza -SEVILLE-
a lot of girls were crying and screaming 'cause, they are mad for yourself (me too <3)
we now that you're very busy, and maybe u don't read this message never...
But like you say, NEVER SAY NEVER !
so, we don't lost the hope : )
cause we love the purple ninja, we LOOOOOOVE your film, we love jay-be... 
Sorry if I'm very heavy, but we are so persistent in Spain :) !
kiss and luck in your tour !
                                    SPAIN LOVE BIEBER 

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Quiero desaparecer, que nadie sepa nada de mi... Ser una Don Nadie, que es lo que llevo siendo desde que te fuiste .